Old houses...

A friend of mine recently bought some land...with a house. A house that was FULL of great junk. The previous residents walked away with only the clothes on their back....not going to get into all the details, but, basically my friend became the owner of all the great junk.
My husband and the two little junkers went with me on the day that the house was to be torn down to grab as much as we could....Just two hours later, we had one pick up full and one Chevy Traverse full of all kinds of treasures.
I kind of fell in love with the house...it was amazing, lots of potential...too bad to be built in a flood zone!
This does not do it justice...three bedrooms upstairs, one bedroom downstairs, dining, living and
kitchen -- all very good sized rooms. Beautiful oak woodwork throughout

Neat little patio in back

Closets full of some good stuff...even found some funky sheets STILL IN THEIR PACKAGE.
Pretty sure my parents had the same sheets on their bed sometime back in the 70s.

clawfoot tub...bath toys still on the shelf

Built-ins in the living room

BEAUTIFUL built in cabinets on dining room....
A mess only because the house was broken into many times
after my friend bought it..Why do some people think they are entitled to whatever isn't nailed down?
My friend and her husband took the glass doors off of this and the built ins in the living room. I took
the drawers...Wish we could have gotten the whole cabinet, but wasn't sure we could get it all out in without destroying it.

FUNKY orange velvet headboard...I grabbed this.
Any ideas on how to get rid of that stain and NOT ruin the velvet?

Old sign that had been made into a cart...

My favorite photo - old swing set.....
I was able to get some great stuff.  I love digging through old houses and wondering about all the events that took place in those rooms over the years.....If you or anyone you know has a house I can dig through ~ obviously the houses FULL of furniture are very few ~ please let me know. I use all old/reclaimed wood for any signs that I make. I can always use windows and doors, too.  It seems as though there are lots of empty farmhouses around...probably full of tons of treasures!