Customer Feedback

I had several of you ask if these lighted branches were for sale at Harvest of Junk...I did not want to sell the ones I had in fear of not being able to get any more. The supplier I use was out of some of the other sizes/styles that I wanted so I was afraid they might run out of these - especially as it gets closer to the holiday season.
The branch pictured here is LED, with 32 lights and is battery-operated. I would price them at $13.00 each. The great thing about them is that they really do give off a lot of light and you only need a few branches to create a great display. I would like to get some of the bigger branches (60 lights) but will have to wait and see if the supplier gets more.

I would also like feedback on the sweater pumpkins. They were a HIT!!! Would you buy more of these at Junkin' Around the Christmas Tree? I realize it is a Christmas show, but it is also a few weeks before thought maybe some of you would purchase them for that.

Leave a comment and let me know!