Recent Projects and Junk Finds

This is what I have been working on for the last several weeks ~ Zippy flowers....3rd year in a row that I have been making these

And MORE zippy flowers....

Look at these beauties from the Salvation Army! What should I do with them?? Spray paint them - black? white?

Close up!

Another Salvation Army score...this is super light weight plastic. Again, spray paint?

Found this cubby at a nearby farm back in August. I think it would look great with a bunch of baby pumpkins in it.

Found this at the What Cheer flea market. I think I am keeping it for my future laundry room.

Child's chair from an auction...paint it orange or black for Halloween??

baskets, baskets, the wire baskets

Fun kitchen stuff...might fill the pans with greenery for Christmas??

Another possibility for Christmas decor...

Cake carrier....might have to keep this, too!

MORE candlesticks!!!! Bright orange for Halloween??