Busy, Busy, Busy

Here are just a few things you will see at Summer Junk Market....

I have been wanting to make the bed spring flower vases for awhile, but had trouble finding test tubes. As I was taking these pictures I realized that both of these items are kind of more for the spring season....but I think you make them work for fall and winter, too. You could add mums or dried flowers for fall and pine and berries for winter...´╗┐

The following items are actually going to be on their way to Oklahoma this week...hoping to be sold by a friend of a friend at her new business. She wanted faith-based creations. I hope she likes them! Don't worry, I will make some for Summer Junk Market, too!

Remember this, from the auction earlier this summer????

It is all full, ready for Summer Junk Market!

More tomorrow....