Odds & Ends....

A few of these have been added to my etsy shop...I'll be adding even more next week!

Couple more auction finds...I L.O.V.E. these light blue BINGO cards...cannot wait to use them!!!

A Spirograph!!!!! I had one of these when I was 8 or 9...I loved it! I think I am going to try to show my boys how its done!

A project I started this week...sweater flower pillow...found the idea on another blog (sorry to the blogger I got the idea from, cannot remember who you are!) These are not the greatest pictures. Black can be hard to photograph!

Also ~ Save the Date for HARVEST OF JUNK 2011.....SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24TH

AND, I got this new computer and I need some help...anyone have any idea WHY some of this post is underlined??? I DID NOT do that and cannot figure out how to UNDO it...AND, I also cannot hghilight in my posts - again, anyone that can help me with this???


oh, wait, and I just tried to publish and it won't let me....I have to open this up on my OLD laptop to publish it!!! Seriously!?!?!?!?