Upcoming Sales & A Thank You

Thank you to everyone that braved the wild winds and came to Signs of Spring Friday and Saturday. It was another VERY successful sale!!! Once again, I do not have pictures since I, my mother, and my friend that were helping me were all too busy to get any taken!

There will be a few more sales this summer. There may even be on over Memorial Day weekend. I will decide for sure this week. It depends on how much more inventory I can acquire before then! IF there is a sale Memorial weekend it will be more 'just junk' and not as many handmade, upcycled items.

Also for upcoming sales......
Please do not shop the sale until the designated time. There were lots of people there Friday and they started shopping before the designated time of 5:00. Don't get me wrong ~ It was AWESOME to see the crowd coming toward my littel shed, but, this is a problem because of two reasons:
1) I was not ready, I really needed that last 15 minutes...I have had people tell me the past "Oh, its ok if you're not ready, we don't care, it all looks great. Just keep getting ready, don't worry about us." WELL, I DO worry. I spend a great deal of time getting ready for these sales and I want everything to be right. So, just humor me and wait until its time to open! :)
2) I had told other customers that they could not come early to shop. I do not feel that it is fair to them, especially when they find out that other customers were there early.

I have decided that in the future there will be some kind of signal to show that I am offically open. I don't have a real building with a door that locks/unlocks when I am open or closed, so I may rope off the area or have a big "open" sign that I bring out to the yard when I am ready. Someday...I hope to have a REAL building.... :)

Also, if can be avoided, please do not park in the back of the house...especially this time of year. We have tractors, trucks, etc etc coming in and out of there all the time. My husband ans his dad need all the room they can get back there. I usually have a sign directing people to park in the front yard, but I knew it would not stay put due to the wind!

Thank you for listening and again, thank you to all of you that attended. I will keep you posted as I decide about the Memorial sale!