I had a panic attack last night.

I thought that I had lost EVERYTHING on my computer. I mean EVERYTHING. There was nothing on my screen except for my desktop photo of Jon Bon Jovi. There were no pictures, documents, music to open. NOTHING.

Then, my husband started to mess with it and he did some system recovery thing and when I woke up this morning everything was back. Then....I felt bad. I was so worried about losing all the pictures, documents, music etc that I felt kind of ridiculous. There are tons of people in Joplin that have lost everything, not just the contents of their computers. They have lost their homes and they have lost loved ones. How stupid of me to worry about a dumb computer! I am just going to continue to be thankful for everything that I do have and pray for those that need it!

With that in mind I am also not going to worry about the fact that, once again, my yard will be a river for Saturday's sale! You might have to park on the road and walk across the 'higher' part of the yard to get to the shed, but, at least you can get here. I am not going to worry about the fact that my weed eater is broken and I couldn't weed eat or the fact the my garden has not been put in yet and looks like a small jungle. I am just going to set up the sale and have a good time selling junk and meeting my customers. So, come enjoy it with me...and be thankful for what you have too! :)

Pictures coming soon!