What I Wore Wednesday

Taking the advice from my fellow friend/blogger Nicky at Momma Gets Real, I have decided to try "What I Wore Wednesday." For those of you not familiar with it, every Wednesday you post some or all of the outfits you have worn over the past week...sounds a little fashion obsessed, doesn't it?? Well, some of you that know me well know that I do LOVE clothes. In fact, they take a very close second to my love for vintage/junk/antique stuff.

I also thought it would be a great way to showcase some of the jewelry that I make...for example, this zippy bracelet is included with my outfit for today...
I took my pictures at school, since I have a full length mirror and the lighting is better. Full length mirror in my classroom??? You might think that is weird...Actually it is a 3-way mirror used for my students when they sew clothes. However, they rarely sew anything that needs a 3-way mirror. But, all the girls know its there and trust me, it gets used!After I uploaded this shot I quickly realized that the mirror desperately needs a cleaning...I'll put one of those girls on that task!

Sweater (which I only wore buttoned for the photo): Target
Ruffle top: Express
Grey yoga skirt: Target
Way CUTE blingy zebra flats: Target
Sterling pearl and heart necklaces: Michele Baratta At Home
Zippy bracelet: made by me!

I am linking up to the Pleated Poppy Go check it out!


Of course, can't have a post without some junking or crafting...Here is a bag that I am working on right now, also at school with my Clothing class kids. I love that I can sew WHILE they are sewing...

It's an old C & H sugar bag ~~ I am playing with the orange fabric, maybe thinking about making it into a ruffle for the top. I am already using it for the lining.

Other side ~ ~

AND, I'm not Irish but a couple lucky ladies who are pretty important to my sons are going to get these goodies tomorrow. Found this super cute idea over here. Check out all the great printables she has!