a rerun...

No one likes a rerun...well, except maybe reruns of Friends or Sex and the City...anyway, I am rerunning a couple previous blog posts. I have had several questions recently about trunk shows(especially from the Junk Revolution Community), so thought I would repost this information...

TRUNK SHOWS!!!!Don’t wait for my next sale – host a trunk show in your home! Schedule a trunk show and I will bring a mix of vintage and handmade items for your guests to browse through and the best part is that you will reap the benefits of the sales!

Guest Sales Free Product
$150-299 -- 10%
$300-499 -- 10%
$500-749 -- 15%
$750-999 -- 20%
Over $1000 -- 20%

Additional Benefits:- Hostess will ‘shop’ the trunk show selection prior to guests arriving and set aside any items that she may want to purchase with free product benefits.- Hostess will also receive a $10 gift certificate for each booking made at time of the trunk show. Booking gift certificates can ONLY be used on future purchases, either at other trunk shows or sales held by The Farmer’s Wife. Booking certificates are valid for one year from the show date.- If hostess cannot find enough free products to fulfill her free product amount at the time of her show, she will be given a gift certificate for the remaining amount. Gift Certificate will be valid for one year from the show date.ALL products will be cash and carry. NO orders for custom made products can be placed at trunk shows.

If you are interested in hosting a TRUNK SHOW in your home, please contact me through email: thefarmerswifeiniowa@yahoo.com, or by phone at 319-430-9597.

Some questions answered....

What items/products exactly will you bring to the show?
A variety of created items- upcycled jewelry, tote bags, wall hangings, small furniture, hankie garlands, painted boxes, etcALSO - 'as is' vintage items, meaning that I have not done anything "crafty" with them...anything from vintage quilts, scales, frames, small furniture, dishes, wooden boxes, advertising signs, books, kitchen utensils, etc.

Can you customize a show with the creations that my friends and I like? For example, a show with mostly jewelry & tote bags?
YES! Absolutely! We can discuss any kind of direction or theme you want to take with your trunk show.

Can you send me some pictures of some examples of what I can expect to see at a trunk show?
Certainly! You can also look on my blog - in the 'blog archive' wayyyyy down at the bottom of the page...there you will find lots of pictures from the last few years...

FINALLY ~ more recently I have had people ask me why it is called a trunk show...HONESTLY, it was the only thing I could come up with! I didn't want 'home show' or 'home party' or 'style consultation' like many of the direct selling/home party businesses do. I wanted something different...There currently is no 'trunk.' :)