Junker Blog/Event/Party post #2

I just posted this on the Junk Revolution Community message board...any of you that are not on the Junk Revolution board but are intersted in a blogger get-together in Iowa/midwest area, pleaser shoot me an email or leave a comment... I guess I will plan something for anyone in my area that wants to come. If I set a date, please tell me if you can make that date. If we do not have a good number of people than we might have to cancel....Ok, before I dive into the planning...I need to know: - are we thinking summer??? fall??- during the week? weekend? how many days? 1-2? 2-3? - what do you want to get out of this experience??? a lot of networking? a speaker? (experienced blogger or shop owner/junker), some hands-on fun?? (crafting/junking) - what are you willing to spend? Obviously, I want to keep it LOW! Whatever else -- please tell me