Junker Blog Event/Convention/Party/Gathering?!?!

Over the last few days there has been some chatter on the Junk Revolution Community board about possibly doing some kind of Junker Blog Event in the Midwest...would any of you other junk/diy bloggers out there be interested??

I am not 100% sure on what we are thinking...maybe a little get together/over-nighter at a hotel or conference center. I said that I could plan it, but if I did it would probably be in Iowa this year. When I say this year, I mean that it would be a great annual event, moving it around to other Midwestern states from year to year. OR, if someone else wants to take it on, if there is a more central location for this year, than someone else could plan it - I am open to any ideas...

Some other ideas ~~
- social time to just match faces with blogs!
- maybe a guest speaker -- someone who has been blogging for a long time and has lots of ideas for those of us that are still learning
- some kind of goodie exchange -- everyone bring something to share with everyone else
- shopping, of course, at the local junk spots

Like I said, I am open to ideas!
Please let me know if you are from the Midwest and might be interested!