Julie's trunk Show - little SNEAK peek!

Just a few pics of some of the great stuff going to Julie's trunk show tomorrow night...

If you can't tell already, I use this word a lot!!!

I've been experiementing with some of Tim Holtz's new products...I love thise little acrylic tiles and here I made a few into magnets.

These next few pics are not the greatest...still learning about that new camera!

Burnt flowers...again, sorry about the photography!
More of Tim Holtz's acrylic tiles ~ into necklaces!
A few more....now, this picture looks good, why didn't the others turn out better?!?! UGH!
This necklace might be on the "I tried, but not my greatest work" discount pile tomorrow night! The flower is just a little too flimsy for the beads!

AND, of course, more banners...these just need some ribbon and they will be finished!

More parent-teacher conferences tonight and then back home to make more stuff!!!!