bottle caps

I did a little junk jewelry workshop last Saturday. The biggest hit of the day was the bottle cap pendants/necklaces. Soooooo....I started looking around for more ideas....AND MORE bottle caps (I am bidding on some on ebay right now - wish me luck!)

Look at this great frame!
Great purse ~~

Christmas decor from jillruth ~~~ check out her blog!

She made them into garlands...

Some of the projects my "students" completed ~ prior to filling them with diamond glaze to set the paper/words/letter...
These pictures are not the greatest...I have that new camera, but still trying to figure out all the fancy settings!

Like I said, I am on the lookout for MORE bottle caps so that I can make some!!! ...hopefully, you'll be seeing my bottle cap creations at my next sale...
don't forget about the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!