Valentine's Day

As I said earlier this year, there would be some changes to The Farmer's already know about the trunk shows. I also want to bring more to this blog. I decided I would add some more of the non-junk projects that I do around the house, with my boys, etc. I am also going to be adding some recipes throughout the coming months.

We did some projects for Valentine's Day over the weekend. It was kind of a nice weekend - Dad left early Saturday morning for Daytona, so it was lots of Mom and the boys time....

First off ~ Valentine Oreo Pops
- Double Stuff Oreos
- White Chocolate Chips or Almond Bark
- Lollipop sticks
- Sprinkles, of course

I used the double boiler to melt the chocolate, but I imagine that you could melt it in the microwave - just be careful not to burn it. The next time I do it I will also freeze the Oreos with the sticks in them for a little while before dipping. I had several fall apart during the process. OR, maybe take the Oreos apart and add a little chocolate and put them back together -- use the chocolate as a glue!

These pops are for my 1st grader's 'surprise treat' for his Valentine party. So, I also wrapped each on in plastic wrap and tied with a ribbon. (didn't get a picture of that as it was about 8:00 last night and I had two grumpy boys to deal with also!)

Flower Pens for the Boys' Teachers
- silk flowers
- florist tape
- ball point ink pens
- tissue paper
- ribbon
- hot glue
I pulled the flowers off their stems and glued them (with a lot of glue) on the tops of the ink pens then just wrapped the green florist tape all the way around the pen.

Then, wrapped them up to look like a real bouquet!
You could also put them in a cute wide- mouth vase, like a flower pot.
I will be leaving on Wednesday for Daytona and will be back next Wednesday with 2 GIVEAWAYS -- one JUST for followers and one for EVERYONE else....