My legs are tired!

My legs are TIRED!

It seems they have been everywhere...have you seen them?

Yes, these are my Junk Bonanza 2009. On opening day, Heather Bullard approached me and asked if she could take a picture of me from the waist down. I believe she said something about liking the mix of textures....Who knew?? Who knew it would be on the Junk Bonanza website? It's even the profile photo for Junk Bonanza on Facebook!

a little about the famous ensemble:
Old Navy skirt (which I believe was on clearance for $.95 or something)
old seed sack turned into an apron (courtesy of my mom)
AND, some great used Justin boots via ebay
IF I would have known my legs would be somewhat famous I would have prepared a little more...some tanning, working out, etc.....hilarious!