2 Shows Booked & Some Questions Answered

Yippeeeee!!!! 2 Trunk Shows Booked, and a few more in the works...

A few of you have had some questions about the trunk shows that I just thought I would address here, incase others are wondering as well...

What items/products exactly will you bring to the show?
A variety of created items- upcycled jewelry, tote bags, wall hangings, small furniture, hankie garlands, painted boxes, etc

ALSO - 'as is' vintage items, meaning that I have not done anything "crafty" with them...anything from vintage quilts, scales, frames, small furniture, dishes, wooden boxes, advertising signs, books, kitchen utensils, etc.

Can you customize a show with the creations that my friends and I like? For example, a show with mostly jewelry & tote bags?
YES! Absolutely! We can discuss any kind of direction or theme you want to take with your trunk show.

Can you send me some pictures of some examples of what I can expect to see at a trunk show?
Certainly! You can also look on my blog - in the 'blog archive' wayyyyy down at the bottom of the page...there you will find lots of pictures from the last few years...

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment here or email me!