Just a few bags ~

Here are a few of the bags that I am working on for Junkin' Around the Christmas Tree...

I took these pictures at school, since I have been sewing along side my students. Sometimes I wonder what they think about all the stuff I make! Some of the girls tell me that they like the stuff that I create, while others say nothing. I have a student right now that is in love with the light blue and brown plaid bag below.

These are kind a twist on a messenger bag. They don't have straps yet. I may use some vintage neckties for some of the straps.
Close ups...

This isn't the greatest picture. I tried to prop it on a sewing machine and it didn't really work. This fabric is from an old set of drapes. It is great fabric - really sturdy! The lining is a really funky woven cotten fabric that I picked up at Junk Bonanza.
I'll be junking/crafting/setting up alll weekend....will post more pics, too!