Junk Bonanza is near...School just started...My boys are playing soccer...There are about a million apples in my yard that need to be made into sauce...My house is a complete disaster...The grass is about up to my knees.....

I REALLY need the 3 day weekend that is coming up! I will probably lock myself in my basement to work on zipper flowers, junk jewelry, and some cool junky Halloween stuff ~ all of which will make the trip to Bonanza in a few weeks.
The weather is cooler today and will be cooler this weekend, which will be great for painting some furniture and some other outdoor projects... I love the fall! It is probably my favorite time of year! My students are making apple crisp today ~ how great that will smell!

Speaking of students, this is how my desk looked this morning when I got to work...
EVERY year I try to train myself to have a neat and tidy desk...but, too quickly it all falls apart!

Stay tuned...I WILL post preview pictures of the items that I am taking to Bonanza by Monday...I promise! :)