Giveaway Announcement & More Auction Finds

First things first...the gift card are all the bloggers in my son's frog bowl:

And the winner is....
Elliot and Dusty from syd and harper. You have to check out their blog over here. ILOVE IT!! They have some unique stuff on their blog!
Thanks to everyone else that left comments. There will probably be another giveaway coming up soon as I am quickly approaching my 100th post!
I didn't get the giveaway winner posted yesterday because I was at an auction and then had to come home an unload everything and then worked very quickly on a bunch of landscaping since it was supposed to rain last night and is going to rain today. I think that we have had only like 3 dry days in June!

Anyway, here are some of my finds...
These items were thrown in with some other things that I bought but I still think they are great! I am not sure what kind of pan/mold that is. It does not look like a mini loaf pan. The sections are much more rounded. The clock does not work, but I am thinking about giving it a coat of white paint and distressing it anyway. The toaster also does not work, but is just fun to look at!
Way excited about these Christmas ornaments. Can't wait for my November Holiday sale!

Miniature picnic basket, minus the handles...

but... its whats inside that counts!!!

I LOVE this decanter and glass set!!!! I have absolutely no use for it or anywhere to display it but I am keeping it. I just fell in love with it right away. Love the silver bling!

Thought these would look cute in a baby's room - double sided records!

Big box of old ties...can't wait to make more burnt flowers with these!

Old foot handles anymore, but still in great shape

Not sure what that is stuck to the inside of the lid but I was able to get it off with the garden hose!

Little wooden box, perfect for hanging on the wall with some dried flowers in it!

washboards...a few of them need a little work...

another old box...

Beautiful waste basket!

Great little stand..
Baby bassinet painted mint sweet! I think this would be perfect full of red geraniums!

BIG old flag...

A couple of old milk coolers - again, these would look good with some red flowers in them!

More tables!!

The sewing table still has the tape measure printed on it...

Chippy, chippy paint!!

Vibrant quilt top...

Some old seed sacks...

Don't forget - you can see all of this great junk at my
Summer Junk Sale
Saturday, June 3
9:00 - 3:00
I'll also be open the 10, 17, and 24 from 9-noon
Hope to see you there!!!!!