49 Followers?? and a Giveaway!!!!

A few days ago I was so excited when I opened my blog to see that I had 50 followers, up from just 48 a day before that - yippeee! I was so excited that I thought "Why not a giveway in honor of 50 followers???"

Forward to today when I opened up my blog and found that I had only 49 followers!!!! Someone dumped me over night! :(

Oh well, I will get over it...and you all will help me!

I need you all to participate in my giveway for a $25 gift card to one of the happiest places on earth....

Here's all you need to do: Go to my etsy site, check it out, and then jump back over here and leave a comment about something you saw on there. I have added several new things over the last few weeks - some repurposed, some vintage.......AND, if you are a follower or become a follower you will be entered TWICE!!!! AND, if I get up to 65 followers by Friday at midnight then I will add another prize (not sure what that is yet!) for another winner!