Still Open....

YES, I will be open tomorrow. 

There is a lot of water in the front yard AND it is extremely muddy....why? Some of you have asked me why we have such a muddy yard. The very front part of our yard runs right a long the road, so it is actually the road ditch. We also use this part of the yard as the driveway into one our fields.  AND, last fall we were lucky enough to get rural water which required tons of digging, most of which we have not yet seeded with grass.

So, that's the story...but, honestly, I don't care and I am not going to get too upset about it. Every time it rains too much I remind myself of New Orleans, Cedar Rapids, and now, Nashville. I have NOTHING to complain about. I have a house that is not under ten feet of water, so things are OK.

Hope to see many of you on Saturday...

I almost forgot -- my address!! I have been so caught up in everything that I had not posted my address on here yet...

2206 200th St
- - only about a mile north of the Marengo/North English exit
- - it is right on the corner of 200th and the highway, you can't miss it!