More Signs of Spring

Some repurposed jewelry...Sorry, the dress form IS NOT for sale. It is my mom's. She MADE it in college!

More repurposed STUFF...

SNEEK PEAK of some fabrics that I made into bags...none of the bags I made are anything fancy but are all made from vintage fabrics, tablecloths, draperies,
t-towels, etc. Alot of these items are a little worn, faded and even stretched out. Keep that in mind when looking at the bags. It is not like purchasing a brand new item. Many of the bags that I have made in the past I have used for less strenuous tasks - taking to the pool/beach, occasional shopping, overnight to Grandma's, etc. Either way, you can't beat some of these great prints!!

If you plan to attend Signs of Spring on Saturday you might want to come wearing some of these...Even if it is not raining it will be outside in the yard and the grass will be wet!!!
AND, the forecast for Saturday is looking a little I might even roll out the firepit to keep us warm!!

More pictures to come...keep cheking back!