Saturday Plans...

It has only been a few hours since my last post but in that short time while I was setting up in the shed I decided that I am having this sale -- NO MATTER WHAT!! However, in order to have it I will need to let all of you know some things in regards to the possibility of the river running through my front yard... may have to park on the road (that would make it seem like a real flea market!). I will have signs posted for parking locations. Normally, I would let you park in our driveway but I have a feeling that it will be just as muddy as the front yard and the gravel situation is NOT plentiful right now (thanks to the lovely winter we had).

...please wear shoes that are NOT your favorite -- old sneakers, rain boots, etc. because the grass will more than likely be wet, too.

...sorry for the inconveniences, but I really want to have this sale and want to have as many of you there as possible!

I took a few pictures tonight as I was setting up...still lots more to set up tomorrow and Friday!