World's Worst Blogger...

That's me! Yes, I am the world's worst blogger. I have no excuse. I am sure that I am no busier than anyone else in blogland. So, all I can do is aplogize and let you know what unimportant things have been keeping me busy.

After Daytona there honestly was not an entirely free weekend again until the end of March! This included a girls' scrapbooking weekend, a Women of Faith conference, our school carnival, and other numerous events. And, I have been trying to be creative here and there as well.

I have also managed to hit a couple of auctions over the last few weekends. Found some great stuff. Will show pictures in a post later this week (really, I will!)

I have also nailed down the dates for my 2010 sales. If you gave me your mailing address than look for the information to be coming soon! I will also post the dates on here. I am looking forward to being open more often and hopefully meeting some of you at my sales.

Stay tuned...and I promise to be better!