MaRk DoWns for SiGns oF SpRing!!!

That's right - I am doing mark downs as I write this post. I still have lots of great stuff left over from last fall's trip to Junk Bonanza...and as many of you know I was not so lucky with my Harvest of Junk sale in October (tons of rain and only about 5 customers!) that means I need to get rid of some of the old to make room for all of the new!

Here are a few pictures from last fall that include things I will be marking down!

Red wagon & little red swing...sorry, the six-year old is not for sale!

Great wooden blue box & wooden tote

Old metal automotive advertising with hooks

White metal kitchen shelf with cute decals, some of the chickens are still available as well as the little blue box and red metal table

The blue/gray shelf/bench and white table are still available

More pictures to be coming soon!!!!