Getting Ready for Signs of Spring...

Again, I had great intentions for the weekend. I wanted to get lots done for my "Signs of Spring" sales in May (see schedule at end of this post). With absolutely no plans or commitments I thought that I could get tons done. Then, about 10:00 yesterday morning the headache of the year arrived. I say "of the year" because I rarely get headaches of this magnitude. The back of my neck, around my eyes, and my jaw ached. I took Advil all day long, but still could barely get out of bed! I watched lots of Lifetime, Soapnet, and the Criminal Minds marathon on A & E...and thought about how much I wasn't getting done!

Today, however, was much more productive.

Here are a couple pieces that I picked up last week. This picture makes this look much bigger, but it actually just a small dresser.

This is going in the shed for displaying for upcoming sales...

Here's a few items that will be for sale at "Signs of Spring"

Love these old metal dollhouses. I may have shown them before. They would be great for organizing mail, bills, etc.

Some old thermoses and a Hiland potato chip can...


More enamelware...

and more enamelware...

An old baby bed that I got at an auction a few weeks ago~ now, what to do with it???

Some smaller printers drawers ~ should I paint them white?

A big box of tons of different salt and pepper shakers and other stuff!
Found this little table at the auction, too. It was a dark stain. Today I painted it this robin's egg color. Should I keep it this color? I plan to distress it, too.

A little doll bed that I painted pink...

An old wooden crate ~ it is actually a very pale gree, but the photo does not show the color!

An example of some of my favorites ~ old book pages and old jewelry!

This picture snuck in the wrong way! :( Another wooden crate for spring...

And now, for my newest creations...this makes me nervous. This is my first try at mixing/repurposing vintage jewelry. Some of this came from ebay, some from local auctions, and some from my Grandma. Tell me what you think!

Finally...the dates and times for Signs of Spring 2010 are:
May 8, 15, 22, 29
8:00 am - noon
PLEASE read my blog regularly, however, for possible changes in this schedule. The only reason that I would close would be due to weather. If there is a rain/thunderstorm than I will more than likely be closed! I will keep the blog updated as much as possible during the days before each sale.
AND, remember that if you are coming from out of town that you can make a day out of it!!
I am only about 5 minutes from the Tanger Factory Outlet Center. AND, for more antique shopping, I am about a half an hour from Kalona and about 15 minutes from the Amana Colonies.
Look forward to seeing you in May!