Weekend Projects & Mad Men

As always, I start out the weekend with good intentions...but never seem to get as much done as I would like to! There are always those pesky things that HAVE to be done - laundry, vaccuming, paying bills, running the kids allover, etc, etc.

Anyway, I got in a little creative time. I also snapped some pictures of some other junk around my house.

Crown molding shelf above our TV/DVD/wii

Old corn crib door...

This picture makes this wall look a lot bigger than it is and makes the quilt piece look ridiculously small! It does not look this out of proportion in real life!
This is one of my favorite pieces - and this photo does not do it justice. I picked it up at an auction about five years ago for only $10. NO one else seemed interested in it! I believe that 'Red River Special' was a brand of threshers.

Here are a few banner/garlands that I worked on.

The 'S' for Spring!

This is a grouping of vintage jewelry that I bought on ebay back in October. I was going to use it to embellish some banners and other projects. Then I realized that they were still in very good shape and thought that I may just wear the bracelet and necklace. They are so cute! Love em!

Just got this BINGO game on ebay. In great shape - can't wait to use the cards for something!!

A few hearts that I am working on...

Another Spring banner...I took this in the part of my basement that is not lit as well, so the pictures are not as great. I was messing with the buttons - had not glued them on yet! Wasn't sure what I wanted to do!

In my last post I talked about one of my new favorites - American Pickers. I have another new fave. One of my friends turned me onto "Mad Men." I got the first three episodes on DVD from Netflix and watched it Saturday while I was creating. I cannot wait to get the next DVD this week. This show is too much. I love it! The clothes, the attitudes, the smoking (don't really like smoking, but it just cracks me up how they smoke ALL THE TIME!!)...I love anything vintage and I guess that this show is kind of vintage, too. I already mentioned the clothes, but its true - no one dresses like that anymore. SO CLASSY!