Daytona Memories & more

Our home for the week...Nothing fancy, but a great location and more reasonable than the $45o/night at the Beachside Hilton!

No truck race on Friday night due to rain so we ventured out to a little place called "The Cabbage Patch" in New Smyrna, FL. This is what we saw when we walked in...

We had a great time at this bar even though we were the youngest people in there!

More of the scenery outside "The Cabbage Patch."

We headed back to Daytona and after some great shrimp and prime rib we hit "Boothill Saloon." It was packed because everyone wanted to hear these guys....Big Engine!

Todd and me

Later that night we accidentially (YES, accidentially) crashed a frat party. One of our favorite bars in Daytona had been closed and just rented out to private parties. It looke like it was open, so we went on in to find out that we were the OLDEST people in the bar...but we made friends with this guy...

We did actually go to the racetrack...

Junior's car for the Nationwide race

Danica Patrick's car

Junior walking to his car at the 500

At the Beach...

When I got back home all I could think about was getting my hands on a copy of the new Flea Market Style magazine! I found that one of my favorite stores - Sister's Garden near Kalona - was selling copies. So, Saturday I took a little shopping trip...and this is what I found!
cute little bird's nest

Some vintage beauties...

AND tons of this great vintage trim! The picture above shows the color a lot better - don't know what happened in this pic!

So, I decided to use it on these letters I made awhile back.

Another banner....I think I am a little addicted to sheet music, glitter, etc..
A repurposed lamp shade that I finally finished..

It's a little wrinkled in some spots, but I still love the way it turned out. It will go on etsy in the next few days. Speaking of etsy, mine is finally taking off. I had two sales while I was in Florida and two earlier this week. It's not a lot, but it's a start!