still in my jammies

Yes, we're still in our jammies around here. Have been all week! At least I showered every day...and then put on clean jammie/lounge pants! I did not get nearly as much done as I had wanted to over Christmas break, but I never do! That is what the dreary months of January and February are for. I wanted to include several pictures of everything we did throughout the holiday season, but as you know my camera is pathetic (did NOT get a new one for Christmas), so I am just including some of the decent ones.

My sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and my husband's aunt and two cousins took all the little kids to Boone the weekend of Thanksgiving for the Polar Express train ride.

We did lots of baking during those three snow days in December...
Darth Vader even joined us for some cookie baking!

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies: a family favorite!

Ben's job: take all the wrappers of the PB cups!
He loved the shiny red, green, and gold wrappers and wanted to keep all of them! Of course, I talked him out of it!
Showing off his Dale Jr apron and mini silpin...

Another fave from the holiday season... the boys went to a Holiday Fun Day at the high school the first Saturday in December. It was a fundraiser for the Spanish Club. They did crafts, played games and watched Rudolph. They made these fruit loop necklaces. I think that Sam ate part of his and then gave the remaining to his Grandma. Ben gave me his and it hangs on the hutch in our dining room. He asks me to wear it quite often when we are home. I had to wear it every snow day. I am waiting for him to ask me to to wear it to work, which I totally will do!!

Some more decorating...not the greatest pictures. I REALLY NEED A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!

I love these bottle brush trees! They were on the one spot last year at Target. I did not see any this year. I didn't get nearly as many I should have!

Two projects Sam made at school. I love elementary made holiday decorations. I will use these every year!
AND....the after Christmas sales!!! Actually, I picked these up BEFORE Christmas at Hobby Lobby. Peace, Love, Joy. I can't wait to shabby them up a bit, give them a vintage touch.

And, more bling. Picked up several glittery snowflakes, reindeer, etc from Target. Can't wait to get projects started for next year.

Well, it is back to the real world on Monday. I am kind of looking forward to it. I do much better in a regular routine. I have enjoyed being home with my boys. They have been really good most of the time and we have had lots of fun playing the new wii and other games.
I am also really looking forward to everything that 2010 has to bring. I am eagerly anticipating my second trip to Junk Bonanza and my shed shows for May, July, and September. I am also going to put all of my effort into this blog and my etsy site. I am have lots of ideas and changes that I will be sharing with you over the next few months. Can't wait to get started!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!