Ok, here's my problems and here's a way that everyone in blogland can help me out!
1) Have some leftover Halloween stuff and need to get rid of it.
2) Have been adding stuff to my etsy site and want to see more traffic over there!
3) Want to see more traffic here!'s what YOU can do to help AND possibly win some great stuff!
1) Go over to my etsy site and then come back HERE and leave a comment about something that you saw on there. I added several items today and will hopefully be adding more tomorrow.
2) When you leave a comment you will be entered into a drawing for...

...these vintage checkers with "Trick or Treat" on them. (sorry - not a great pic)
...AND this "Jack 'o' Lid" made from a old enamelware...

....AND these little vintage metal trays that spell out BOO!

The lucky winner will get ALL three of these Halloween items! I know that the holiday has passed, but who doesn't love to get something for FREE!!

You can also get another chance to win if you already ARE a follower or become a follower to this site AND if you refer a friend to leave a comment. When you friend leaves the comment, you can leave a comment too and let me know they they are your friend that you directed to this blog.

WHEW!! Does all that make sense????? Hope so! And I hope the comments start coming!! Who knows? If I get a comment overload I just might have to add more prizes....

Oh! Almost forgot - you can leave your comments until midnight, November 12. I will do the drawing on Friday, the 13th - it will be lucky for someone!