Odds & Ends

Maybe many of you have already seen this on the Junk Revolution blog, but thought I would put it on here, too. Yes, those are MY LEGS on the first day of Junk Bonanza. Heather Bullard approached me and asked if she could get a picture of me from the waist down. Of course, I could not say no, it was Heather Bullard! :-) I really was not sure where the picture would end up but then found it on Ki's blog. Anyway, a great memory for my first Bonanza! I have been doing some cleaning, reorganizing, etc. Found this box of jewels and decided that I will need to make them part of my winter projects come January. I think there is lots of potential in there...maybe I will finally try to make some of that great altered junk jewelry that I see everywhere.
Here is my shed as it starts to fill up for winter storage. Hate this part of being a junker - never enough space for all this good stuff. OR, even if I have enough space it is still too crammed together to even try to find anything later on. Makes it hard when you think of something that you want to work on in the dead of winter and you have to start digging when it is 40 below outside!

This is a sign that I took to Bonanza that did not sell -- too bad!! Looks pretty nice on my patio.

Another shot of my patio....

I know this looks like the side of some really cool shabby old building... sorry to disappoint, but its my garage!! I wont even show you the rest because it is depressing! But...this week we are getting a garage makeover!

And, in the next few weeks we are finally going to get rural water! No more rust! AND I can buy and wear white clothes! Just need a few more makeovers around here...maybe some that will make my house look like this one...

A girl can dream... ;-)