A little bit of Heart and A Lot more Junk!

Last Friday night my husband and I went to see Heart at the Riverside Casino and Resort in Riverside, Iowa. It was an outdoor concert, so we dealt with heat and bugs, but it was worth it! My pictures are not that great, as we just weren't close enough. I will get to see them again in August at the state fair where they will be performing with Journey. Next week, I am going to see Rick Springfield!

Last night I went to yet another auction...Here are some of my finds. Wondering if they are Junk Bonanza worthy?!? I am kind of getting away from the theme I was trying to go with - farm house/farm stuff. But, I am just finding too many fun things!! Maybe...I will try to incorporate everyhing in a creative way...hmmmm..

Love these Chinese checkers boards and the Skill Ball piece. This picture makes them look a little better - they actually have a little rust on them, which makes them look a little junky!

I love this Lard can. 50 POUNDS OF LARD!?!?!?!? Who buys 50 pounds of lard??? No, I know, Lots of people used to do this. But, it just seems gross. I love the bottom - it says "Excellent for deep-frying and pastry." By today's standards, it would have to say "Excellent for heart disease, obesity, stroke, cellulite, etc. etc...." Don't get me wrong - I love fattening foods, the more grease the better. But, for some reason, 50 pounds just seems CRAZY!!!

Pinic basket and little lunch box - too cute!

Cute green scale. great shade of green!

Shot this photo in the back of my trailblazer, sorry for the lack of ambiance! Anyway, I really wanted the sprayer and they threw in the flower frog with it. Anybody have any ideas for the frog?

Isn't this a great color for this cake/pie carrier? I might have to keep this!

AND, finally for my two favorite finds of the night!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scooter. It will be hard to part with, but can't you just see a shopper scooting around on this at Bonanza?

AND...folding rulers!!!!! I am so excited! I can make some of those cute stars that I have seen all over the place. There are a couple that only fold out once...will have to think of something to do with those. And, there are a few old metal (and rusty) protractors! How fun!